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Chakwera’s development strides wins the hearts of his critics

Jun 17, 2022

As Joshua Chisa Mbele describes KIA-Chiweta road project “game changer

The past two years has seen a lot of transformation in the way government is run, despite doing a lot to change the destiny of this country, President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has been subjected to the unwarranted criticism from his critics and political opponents alike.

But in a dramatic turn of events President Chakwera has warmed and won the hearts of many in this country even his critics have joined the bandwagon heaping praises for Chakwera’s progressive leadership whose results are sprouting for all to see.

In recent weeks the country has been greeted with one development news after another which has amused all well-meaning Malawians with his critics coming out in the open commending the President. Last week news broke out of the European Investment Bank releasing funds amounting to €117 million for the 300 kilometer M1 Road Project stretching from Kamuzu International Airport roundabout to Chiweta.
The news about the road project follows another news this week about the resumption of rail transport after several months break due to the damaged rail line linking Malawi to the port of Nacala in Mozambique. Already the development has seen the country’s fuel reserve being boosted by an in flow of 500 000 litres of fuel via the Nacala Corridor.

Joshua Chisa Mbele whose thought leadership on social media is respected just had to hail Chakwera’s development strides describing it as “game changer”. He wrote on his Facebook page as saying: “This is good news. This is progressive. I am now Chakwera’s friend. Fuel must come through the rail while we are waiting to put a pipeline. That’s what I explained to the President when we met one on one. When Beira Corridor is open, we will be even better. The reconstruction of M1 from Lumbadzi to Karonga is just a game changer.’’

The appointment of Ms Colleen Zamba as the Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) has also received favourable ratings from people of diverse background.

Stanly Onjezani Kenani is another social commentator whose voice is as powerful as Mbele on social media and said this on Zamba’s appointment: “I like the pace at which the new Secretary to the President and Cabinet is working. She is working. She has hit the ground running. Keep the fire burning.”

Kenani has also been impressed the effectiveness of the passport office at the Immigration Office. He said: “The Passport Office seems to be amazingly efficient. I paid this morning to renew my passport, by 5 p.m. I got a new passport, very efficient.”
Finally change has come to Malawi. President Chakwera is that change.

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