Nov 14, 2021

By Malawi Exclusive

The HE has lately conducted some few international official visits. However there are sentiments that the president is travelling a lot. His critics are of the view that the HE is too mobile for nothing, wasting taxpayers in the process. Let’s be honest here, what the HE is doing is a typical testimony of a caring parent, he is simply fending for his children. The HE has been very open about the state of the economy; he has accepted that it is conspicuously not in shape, it’s in dire need of emergency treatment for it to spring back. If the president just spends most of his time at statehouse we may not resuscitate this economy quickly. He travels with an aim to coax donors who can partly contribute to the bouncing back of the economy. During such visits, the state President has also been instrumental persuading potential investors to consider starting their businesses in Malawi.

On the same topical issue, we might be aware of the fact that the HE has just returned from a foreign trip where he visited three countries; Kenya, United Arab Emirates and the UK. The HE will this afternoon be proceeding to Durban, South Africa upon invitation from the host head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa, for an Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF) which has attracted leaders from several other countries. This trip is justifiable owing to the fact that South Africa is Malawi’s main trade partner. As a country, Malawi imports more goods from RSA, this meeting is crucial as it may serve to reduce the prevailing trade imbalance between the two countries since the former imports more than it exports. Many products will be showcased at this important trade fair, Malawi is likely to benefit a lot. Intra-Africa Trade Fair offers an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their goods and services, engage in Business to Business (B2B) exchanges and conclude business deals.This edition of IATF aims to attract 5,000 conference delegates and 1,100 exhibitors, including over 1,000 buyers from over 55 countries who will engage to grow trade and investment on the African continent. Malawi can’t afford to miss this, that’s explains Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s participation.

On a similar note, the HE managed to engaged a consortium of investors who showed interest to invest in Malawi.

Politicising the HE’s international visits may only deny the state chances of registering the much needed development.

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