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Chakwera’s Private Sector Labs to Woo Foreign Investors

Jun 7, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Foreign investors are expected to make Malawi as their investment hub following President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s bold move to establish Private Sector Labs in the country.

The labs are aimed at identifying and resolving all roadblocks hindering the establishment and the growth of foreign investments and businesses in the country.

In preparation for the launch of the labs, President Lazarus Chakwera on Tuesday, summoned heads of various institutions whose policies and programs are critical for private sector success to Capital Hill in Lilongwe to bang heads ahead of the launch.

Attendees at the meeting include, Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba, Ministers Lobin Lowe (Agriculture) Sosten Gwengwe (Finance), Jacob Hara (Transport and Public Works), Mark Katsonga Phiri(Trade and Industry), Titus Mvalo (Justice), Ibrahim Matola (Energy) and Sam Kawale (Lands).

The meeting also had Reserve Bank Governor Wilson Banda and CEOs of MERA and ESCOM in attendance.

Chakwera is on record saying he will make sure that all stumbling blocks for foreign and private investors are not only traced but removed for the progress of the country’s development.

The Private Sector Labs is expected to be launched by Chakwera on Tuesday, June 21 this year.

One thought on “Chakwera’s Private Sector Labs to Woo Foreign Investors”
  1. This is the golden opportunity for the Private sector heads to take advantage of the presence of the President, to unearth all the obstacles that tend to hinder progress. Private sector is the engine in any country to champion macrosocial-economic onward movement for the advancement of the country’s economy. We need to have progressive advancement in our livelihoods so that people can be seen graduating from below poverty line onto the middle-class. The current situation is that those people below poverty line are always there and thinking of advancement in their lives is non-starter. It should start with the think-tanks (Private sector) to pave way for the economic growth.

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