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Chakwera’s visit to Chitipa heralded new chapter for Chitipa residents as Roads Authority Board orders personnel to draw work plan

Apr 30, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to Chitipa’s visit to Chitipa will go in the annals of history as the beginning of a new chapter to the lives of the people in this border district.

After inspecting crops, Chakwera addressed a development rally at Chitipa Airfield where he, among others, directed that construction work on the Chitipa Boma-Ilomba Road should start within four months.

The President, who was responding to Senior Chief Mwaulambia’s request for the upgrading of the road to bitumen standard, stated that Chitipa Boma-Ilomba Road is of critical importance to both Malawi and Tanzania.

Chakwera, who had earlier inspected crops in the districts, expressed dismay with the delays in the upgrading of the road.

He ordered that the finalization of designs and procurement processes for the 30-Kilometre road be completed for take-off within the next four months after the directive.

Nyasa Times now understands that RA Board has heeded the directive and has since ordered personnel at the secretariat to immediately start drawing work plans.

RA Board Chairperson Joe Ching’ani has further directed the secretariat to allocate roles to the responsible personnel.

“It is with the foregoing in mind that in order that the directive by the president be fulfilled, I, in my capacity as Board chairperson hereby directs that secretariat should immediately set the wheels rolling, allocate roles, draw a roadmap with clear timelines, the timelines of which must fit in the time frame set by the president,” said Ching’ani.

The memo further advises secretariat to indicate individuals assigned specific duties and the time allocated for such tasks.

During a press briefing on Monday, Chakwera also expressed concerns over procurement delays on various crucial projects including the all critical Nsanje-Marka Railway Line.

The president warmed that he will deal with all officers ‘sitting’ on procurement processes for such crucial projects.

In Chitipa, the President said: “Honourable Minister Jacob Hara and your team, I am directing that we shouldn’t go beyond four months finalising the designs and procurement of works, before all is set to commence on this road.”

Apart from the RA directive Chakwera, during the rally, also directed Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe to start early preparations for this year’s Affordable Input Programme-AIP.

Some commentators have indicated that what is happening are the fruits of the President’s nationwide crop inspection initiative and development rallies where he is appreciating various government activities by having first hand information from the people.

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