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Chanika’s death a big loss to the country- Chakwera

Jul 30, 2022

President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has described the death of veteran activist Emmie Chanika as a big loss to the country.

According to State House press statement the first family has been saddened by the death of one of the pioneers and defenders of human rights in the country.

The statement says Chanika dedicated her life to fight for freedom, justice and equal rights in the country.

It reads:” the First Lady and I are saddened that Emmie Chanika, the renowned activist who founded Malawi’s human rights organization in 1992, died today at Kamuzu Central Hospital”

President Chakwera was a fearless woman who advocated for civil liberties in the country a time when political climate was hostile for civil rights activists.

“Long before it was safe or popular to advocate for civil liberties, Ms Chanika took a stand to liberate Malawians from oppression, founding CILIC, an organization that pushed for the referendum that ushered in multi-party era in 1993 and led to the first general elections in 1994” reads the statement.

Chanika shot to fame for her fearless stance against the social ills during under Bakili Muluzi regime


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