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Chewa Heritage Foundation to fundraise for Kulamba Ceremony

Jul 22, 2022

Speaking in an Exclusive interview,Chewa Heritage Foundation Secretary General Dr Gersom Numeri said all is set for the fundraising even which is slated on Saturday, 23 July, 2022.


Dr Gersom said the event will take place almost the whole day.

Dr Numeri said on the display at the cultural event will be different traditional dances and to colour the function there will be an Aeroplane dance from Nkhotakota

According to Gersom the event is expected to raise K50 Million which is expected to be used for this year’s Kulamba Ceremony.

Kalonga Gawa Undi King of Chewa people

“The event is crucial and we are hopeful that we will meet the projected amount.We expect to nor less than K50 Million if all goes well.Let me appeal urge everyone to come and patronise this historic event” said Dr Numeri.

Gule Wamkulu

On his part,Chefo Subcommittee chair responsible for Culture Lyson Banda said apart from the Aeroplane dance there will also be different kind of Gulewamkulu dances such as Car,  Chickens and many more type of dances.

Napoleon Dzombe: Guest of Honour

“The Aeroplane we are referring here is not the aeroplane you know, this is the state of the art Chewa plane modelled from the  planes we all know and it is also another version of Gulewankulu.”Said Banda

Banda said people should expect to be entertained on the day.He asked everyone from different cultural background to come and appreciate the rich chewa tradition on display.

Kulamba is a Chewa Cultural event which happens every Month end of August at Mkaika Katete in Zambia . During this event chiefs from all the three countries pay homage to their King Kalonga Gawa Undi.

During the event, Dr Napoleon Dzombe will be the Guest of honour.

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