Child activist Memory Chisenga calls for deportation of Dutch National Akster for being a security threat found with a gun 

Aug 24, 2022
Senior resident Magistrate, Wanangwa Nyirenda has reserved his ruling to 1st September, 2022 on the application to discharge Wim Akster, a Dutch national who is answering charges of being in possession of a fire arm illegally.
Akster was arrested in November, 2021 following police investigations that revealed he was in possession of a fire arm that did not have any legal documents.
Making his submissions during the court hearing, state prosecutor, Levison Mangani has said the discharge application by Akster’s lawyer is baseless, and aimed at delaying   proceedings of the case.
Meanwhile, the lawyer representing Akster, Gimeon Nyanda argues the complaint about Akster being found in possession of a fire arm was logged in 2020 and the case has taken too long, hence applying for a discharge.
Commenting on the issue, renowned Child Rights Activist, Memory Chisenga says Akster has to be deported back to his country, arguing he is a total threat to children and to national security considering the charges that have been leveled against him from 2020.
She has further called upon the judiciary to look into his cases with urgency.  Currently Akster still answering charges of Sex trafficking and Sodomy and it is not yet known when the other cases will commence in court.
Limbe Magistrate’s Court in Blantyre
discharged a case in which a same person Akster, was answering human trafficking and sexual abuse charges.
In his ruling , First Grade Magistrate Tsoka Banda said it was unreasonable that the state took two years to commence
prosecution of the matter; hence, the discharge. The case attracted scores of people who gathered at the court on to follow the case.
In his 20-minute ruling, First Grade Magistrate Banda whose laptop had earlier on Wednesday crushed and postponed his verdict, said it was
However, to the surprise of State Lawyer Victor Jere wondered why the ruling suggested the case has dragged on for two years, yet the suspect was onlyarrested in September last year. His discharging rose eye brows for many.
“We are just surprised with the ruling because ou files show that the suspect was arrested in September 2020 and not two year ago,” said Jere. Jere said he would re-file the case .
“A discharge is not an acquittal,” stated the lawyer. Akster who was being accused of sodomizing 9 males for bursary favors from
Timotheos Foundation found the charges as outrageous aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

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