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Children at Upendo Village Advised to Put Education First

Apr 8, 2022

By Judgement Katika

Officials from Public Affairs Committee (PAC), Immigration Department, Malawi Prison Services (MPS) and Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) recently stormed Upendo Children’s Village in Mzuzu to encourage them to work hard in their education and grow into productive citizens.

Upendo Children’s Village is home to over 60 needy children.

During the interface, officials from PAC took advantage of the visit to preach Covid – 19 and Polio preventive measures.

As a Covid – 19 preventive measure, PAC donated 30 face masks and a 5 litres bottle of sanitizer.

In her remarks, Constable Monica Maseko from Immigration Department advised the children to stay away from immoral behaviours.

Maseko from Immigration Department also took time to explain to the children the dangers of aiding foreigners to access Malawians travel documents.

Northern Region MPS Public Relations Officer Mwansangwale called on the children to avoid behaviours that would put them to be in conflict with law and end up in jail.

“Avoid indulging yourselves in activities that will make you being arrested. The fact that you are children does not make you free to commit crimes,” said Mwasangwale.

Carlos Simfukwe, MIJ Student Union President called on the children to make use of their talents.

“Not all of you will end up working or doing business, some of you are gifted with various talents. Make good use of that opportunity as you will one day earn a living with that,” said Simfukwe.

Apart from the presentations, the day was also spiced up with various performances such as drama, memory verses, singing and dancing.

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