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Chilembwe’ name deserves a place of prominence in Malawi’s history Says President Lazarus Chakwera

Jan 15, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has described late Reverend John Chilembwe as one of the heroes whose name deserves a place of prominence on the list on national heroes worthy national holiday.

Further describing Chilembwe as a father, a son, a farmer and a preacher among others, President Chakwera said he (Chilembwe) fought for national freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the quest of that freedom regardless of all these.

“John Chilembwe’ embodiment and advancement of a decolonized mindset is perhaps one of his most enduring legacies, though it is one of the things about him that is discussed least. But in my view it is this decolonized mindset he displayed in his day that is of great relevance for us in our day. It is this decolonized mindset that we need today in order to achieve our dream of building a new Malawi of a shared prosperity.” Said President Chakwera in his speech at Providence Industrial Mission Church in Chiladzulu where the commemoration of late Reverend John Chilembwe took place.

Malawi leader in analyzing the life of Chilembwe regarded him as an inspiration, motivation, a nationalist, and a challenger who did not allow foreign ideas against the country to go unopposed, citing uprising of January 1915 that he led as a testimony of who he was.

President Chakwera has since directed the Ministry of Tourism to make sure that the burial sites of Chilembwe’s mother and sister are accorded appropriate tombstones worthy his statute.

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