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Chilima under fire for the 40 member delegation

Apr 2, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Malawi’s Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima, has come under intense fire for the bloated delegation to USA.

Chilima aka “Afana oganiza Bo” has been slammed by the public and civil society organisations for assembling a bloated delegation of 40 people on his up-coming trip to the United States of America later this month with some saying he is a “cheat and con”.

Chilima has been delegated on a three day
official tour of duty by President Dr Lazarus Chakwera buthas gone into overdrive abusing meagre public funds.

“Chilima has lost the plot here. He is showing that he is irresponsible, naive and insensitive to the suffering Malawians who are going through the worst of economic challenges, yet he want to do maphwevu phwevu in the US by taking his entire office. He is a cheat and con with all the great speeches he made during campaign period. We believed him but now a leopard is showing its true colours. He is not a leader at all” said Mphatso Gondwe in a Facebook social media comment.

President Chakwera delegated his vice, Chilima to form and lead a Malawi entourage to an Economic Forum at the United Nations headquarters in New York and former business captain-turned politician has drafted ina 40 delegation-member for the trip with 27 peoplecoming from the Vice President’s office and includes the his special assistants and security officers according to the entourage list document we have seen.

The entourage also include four members of the press, two journalists, a reporter and a cameraman from MBC and a reporter and a photographer from Malawi News Agency (Mana).

According to the list, the entourage further
include 12 security officers and an accounts assistant among others geared for the trip. According to Capital Hill insiders, the country’s Vice President is expected to spend a maximum of three weeks in the US yet he is only attending a three-day event, meaning the rest of the days are a mere opportunity for his entourage to enjoy a vacation and go shopping on taxpayers hard earned money.

However, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) chairperson, Gift Trapence in an intervievw demanded that the entourage be cut to a reasonable number saying having a delegation
of 40 does not make any economic sense to any funder let alone the taxpayers.
Said Trapence: “One would appreciate that som security personnel delegates on the list including some officials with direct link to the meeting and it is clear that some of the delegates on the list are only there to make money through allowances.

“HRDC, therefore, is demanding the list to be reduced to make an economic sense. We cannot be having 40 people travelling to the US for a meeting at government’s expense at the time when country is going through economic hardships.”

Trapence said, if is true, taking 40 people to America is a gross abuse of public resou
and insensitive to the people of Malawi’s
suffering due economic suffering.

Malawi Breaking Online news source
“We at HRDC implores the vice president to only take people that will be useful and relevant to the assignment and not hangers-on who will just go there for a holiday” said Trapence.

Commenting on Social media, Kingsley
Mvulayagunda said: “The most shocking thing about his purported big entourage is that it depicts an irony of extraordinary
proportion as the vice president is supposed to be the first person to act with utmost prudence.”

He added: “It is demoralizing to the national spirit that the Vice President, who is in charge of Public Sector Reforms, has become the chief culprit in wasting government resources on avoidable costs.”

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