• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Chilumpha demolishes DPP for arbitrary arrests

Malawi former Vice President Dr Cassim Chilumpha has accused the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for arresting him without valid reasons.

DPP was evil ; Dr Chilumpha

Speaking to Times Exclusive on Saturday, Chilumpha said it is sad that up to now no one can establish credible reasons why the Bingu administration tortured him emotionally for no good reason.

He said he intends to sue government over his arrests and may seek huge sums of money in compensation.

The former Vice President also took swipe at former President Bakili Muluzi for mistreating his Vice President Dr Justin Chimera Malewezi.

Chilumpha said he was happy that government is taking care of him in terms of salaries, gratuity, security, and everything.

Pressed hard if whether government was taking care of him or not, Chilumpha said he was happy with the kind of treatment he is receiving now.

He said there were other areas which needed improvement such as allowances and other sundries for the security officers.

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