Chisa Mbele is not above the Law

Dec 4, 2022

On 1 November 2022, Chief Resident Magistrate’s (CRM) court in Lilongwe granted bail to leaders of Citizens Against Impunity who were arrested Friday on the sidelines of protests the grouping led in Lilongwe.

The six suspects include ; Joshua Chisa Mbele, Levi Luwemba, Seleman Moffat, Davie, Mustafa Kalilombe and Kennedy Luwembe.

The six were charged with two counts of contravening written notice by the District Commissioner in relation to the demonstrations and inciting violence.

Among other bail conditions, the court has ordered the accused persons to pay a cash-bond of K200, 000 each, produce two traceable and reliable sureties bonded at K500, 000 non-cash each, surrender travelling documents and report to Lilongwe Central West Police Division once every fortnight.

Senior Resident Magistrate Wanangwa Nyirenda who delivered the ruling on behalf of CRM Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza, said the court will communicate as to when hearing of the trial is expected to commence.

With bail bond in his pocket he was supposed to remain quiet and concentrate on his court battle. He was supposed to speak when the court clears him from his cases.

Just recently Lawyers Likongwe and Company on instructions from their Client Ms. Innocentia Ottober commanded Mbele to pay K200 million as damages for defamation on an article he published on his face book page which attracts many readers.

Likongwe has screenshot Chisa Mbele’s writing alleging that the Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC] Ms. Colleen Zamba forced Maweru the then Ps Agriculture and Mr. Richard Chikunkhuzeni of SFFRFM to ensure deal is finalized without fail.

Zamba tried to force the PPDA Director General to back date a no objection approval from Auzano and when he refused, she threatens to fire him.

The Lawyers are demanding from Chisa Mbele a clear and unqualified press statement in the Daily Times and in the Nation newspaper and to pay their Client the sum of K200 million as damages for defamation.

Writing on his face book page, Chisa Mbele says someone sued him for K270 million, today another soul comes with a threat of K200 million saying these things are intended to intimidate people from questioning things.

Chisa Mbele says as long as one is in public office, receiving public money, he can’t intimidate the public saying intimidation is what he will never yield to as he is doing this for all Malawians, advising the one who has sued him that if he is too honest, too holy, too respectable for scrutiny, then public position is not his.

“We are burdened by poverty created by the state and as such we have no sympathy when burgeoning public officers to death, we cannot be intimidated, I refuse intimidation and I will never bend my tail to a government employee or anyone who get paid from taxpayers money,’’ reads Chisa Mbele’s writing on the wall.

Meanwhile, Chisa Mbele has written Likongwe suggesting that he proceed with litigation saying he already issued an apology on his face book page where he made a mention of her name notwithstanding the exaggerations he has made in his letter.

Chisa Mbele is not supposed to use Facebook as platform to respond to the courts because no one is above the law.

Let Chisa Mbele shut up his mouth and clear himself with courts.

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