Chizuma faces litmus test as calls for her ousting grow bigger

Sep 8, 2022

Former Director of Public Prosecution Kamdoni Nyasulu, has commended effort which Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has demonstrated in the fight against corruption.

Nyasulu, a vastly experienced and respected Legal practioner specializing in corruption, said the problem is that President is fighting a lone battle without being supported by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Nyasulu says corruption needs proper strategy in terms of litigation.

Nyasulu sentiments shows that he has given up on Ms. Martha Chizuma, the once celebrated ACB director general. Chizuma has of late been disgraced and is currently fighting for her job following growing calls for her resignation each passing day.

In his analysis in the Nation newpaper, Nyasulu said ACB lacks an outright strategy to prosecute corruption cases, that’s why there is an arrest galore then brief appearance of suspects in court for charging purposes, afterwards, deafening silence from the ACB, leaving the suspects traumatised and ostracized.

In some cases, high profile people are mentioned as suspects in corruption, they are either fired or suspended from work, then the ACB fails to charge the suspects, leaving them in suspense and ostracized by the public.

This is what Kamudoni Nyasulu calls lack of strategy.

Just few days ago National Electoral Systems Trust (NEST) called for the resignation of Chizuma for gross incompetence.

In a statement which NEST released on Wednesday signed by its Executive Director Unandi Banda, Chizuma is being commended for the effort made but Banda said unfortunately the efforts are not yielding results.

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