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Chizuma has failed – Mvula

Sep 7, 2022

A Blantyre-based social and political commentator Humphrey Mvula says President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is doing enough to fight corruption but his efforts are being watered down by the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Martha Chizuma who is more of talking on social media while doing nothing to support the Head of State.

Speaking to Times Television on the Hot Current programme, Mvula said that all those involved in fighting corruption in the country should be aware that the President is there to provide political leadership and policy direction while they do the actual work on the ground.

Said Mvula: “In as far as I am concerned President Chakwera is doing his part but the bulk stops at the ACB. Chakwera at the expense of losing the next election has allowed people close to him to be arrested such as his own Ministers, suspended his Chief of Staff and even fired the Police Inspector General.

“You certainly would not expect President Chakwera to do everything, you would not expect him to do the work of the ACB. The problem is that we arrest people without much evidence. People out there want action, even if it means one cabinet minister is convicted that will make a statement that indeed the ACB is working.”

Mvula also said President Chakwera is the only leader since the dawn of multipartyism in the early 90s who has shown resolve to fight corruption in the country by constantly reminding people the evils of corruption.

“We had Muluzi, then Bingu wa Mutharika, Madam Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika, none of these people has ever denounced corruption publicly. What Chakwera is doing in supporting the fight against corruption has never happened before,” he said.

Recently Mvula joined thousands of Malawians who were calling for Chizuma to resign or the appointing authorities to remove her from office after it emerged that the bureau has lost crucial evidence connected to the UTM investigation on the 44 vehicles which the party bought. During the Hot Current programme Mvula emphasised that Chizuma has indeed failed to perform as head of the ACB.

“Probably the first problem is that she has no experience in prosecuting cases, she has been a magistrate yes but she has never done prosecution to give her the requisite experience for the ACB job,” added Mvula.

Chizuma was also under fire after it transpired that a month since President Chakwera announced a four-months National Anti-Corruption Campaign, the ACB has not done anything on the campaign. On July 26 this year, during the National Anti-Corruption Conference, Chakwera demanded that the country should go on a campaign until December to highlight the evil that corruption is. However, the Daily Times of Friday (September 2, 2022) alluded that the campaign died the day the President announced it as there was no action on it.

Mvula also said it was sad that during the conference Chizuma made encouraging remarks giving hope to Malawians that something will be done but more than one month down the road there is nothing to show while “all the ACB head does is talking on social media”.

During the programme Mvula was accompanied by governance commentator Kent Mphepo who also expressed worry that the ACB was not doing enough in the fight against corruption.

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