Chizuma interdicted 

Feb 1, 2023
Secretary to the Offfice of President and Cabinet on Tuesday interdicted Director General of Anti Corruption Bureaus (ACB) to pave way for the smooth court cases that she is answering.
In a letter SPC Colleen Zamba said her office has received communication that Chizuma is answering case number 236 of 2023.
“I have received a report of the Criminal Court Case Number 236 of 2023 sitting at Lilongwe before the Chief Resident Magistrate, where you are answering the foliowing charges First Count: Making use of speech calculated to lower the authonity of a person before whom a judicial proceeding is being had, contrary to Section
113 (d) of the Penal Code ,Second Count: Making use of speech capable of prejudicing a person against a party to judicial proceedings, contrary to Section 113 (d) of the Penal Code,” Reads the letter in part.
According to the letter, the above allegations constitute serious misconduct of a public officer and an Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) official in terms of section 49B of the Corrupt Practices (Amendment) Act 2004 Ant-Corruption Bureau Standing
Order Numbers D/18 (2) and D/18 (9), Sections 4 (4.5); 6 (6.1); 6 (63) and 14 (14.1) of Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour of the Ant-Corruption Bureau, Maiawi Pubic Service Regulations (MPSR) 1:201 (6), 1201 (11).1201 (17) and 1:201 (19) and Contract Clause Articles I and 1 of your employment contract of 1 June 202.
“In view of this, and in accordance with the Malawi Public Service Commission
Regulation 42 (3) as read with Regulation 40, you are interdicted from exercising the
powers and functions of your office as Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (Grade 1/C) effective 31 January 2023, with full pay,”

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