Chizuma on knife edge as NEST demands her resignation

Sep 7, 2022

There are growing calls for Martha Chizuma to step down as the Director General of the Anti-Corruption (ACB).

Latest to the call for the immediate resignation of the ABC boss is the National Elections Systems Trust (NEST).

According to a statement issued and signed by its Executive Director Unandi Banda the organization has cited failure by the Bureau to use the goodwill from government and different stakeholders as one of the reasons for calling for her exit.

The statement notes that despite receiving support from government and other stakeholders the Bureau has not made headway in the fight against corruption
It reads: “NEST has noted with concern that despite commitment from government and other stakeholders to support the bureau with financial and human resources, there has been minimal progress on the cause in many aspects”

The statement expresses a number of misgivings on the conduct of Chizuma-led ACB which NEST views as an undermining factor in the fight against corruption.

NEST expressed shock over media reports that the case files of the purchase of 44 vehicles by UTM have gone missing at ACB offices.

The statement says the reports of missing files raises questions of the credibility of the leadership at the graft-busting body.

“NEST has also recently learnt with shock that files of some cases have gone missing. This is in reference to the investigations on UTM’s 44 cars that are alleged to have been procured using corruption proceeds. Having sensitive files missing from a place with proper security system raises questions over the credibility of leadership at the particular institution,” reads part of the statement.

The statement has asked the Office of President and Cabinet and Parliament to facilitate the process for Chizuma’s force resignation in the event she does not voluntarily step down.

‘’Based on the foregoing NEST demand that Martha Chizuma resigns from her position as Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General to allow the institution proceed with the fight in a manner that is professional, legal, moral and effective. We ask the relevant thus the Office of President and Cabinet to intervene by forcing her to exit using laid out procedures in an event that she fails to voluntary resign.”

NEST’s demand comes at the back of similar calls from other organizations.

Recently political analyst Humphrey Mvula gave Chizuma an F rating on Hot Current program on Times TV.

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