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Malawi Citizens urged to join in fighting corruption

Feb 3, 2022

By judgement katika

The Budgetary committee for parliament says fight against corruption is for every citizen in this country.

speaking during an interaction with different stake holders at a stake holders conference in Salima, the chairperson for the committee Glades Ganda said lack of developments in the communities are because of corruption.

She said according to research done by Oxfam indicates that the country is losing not less than 20 Billion Kwacha every year.

“It is a duty of all stakeholders to take action, and not just wait for them. Tackling corruption should not only for president only, but malawians as a whole”.

She added malawians should bring to book those who are doing corruption.

She also proposed that the Community Development Funds should be funded with huge funds since at a mean time it has a little funding.

“You can see that CDF is working better than DDF and if you can go to constituencies the projects done are that of CDF, and its high time to see government to ve finding CDF since there is better monitoring than DDF”.

The meeting was organised by center for social concern a faith based organisation that promotes research and action on social issues in societies.

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