Civil War continues in DPP will this party survive?

Feb 7, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

NGC Member Ken Msonda earlier today addressed a press conference in Lilongwe tackling issues in DPP below is what he said in verbatim.

-Fellow DPP Members, Supporters, Sympathizers, Followers and Well-wishers across the country;
-Members of the press

We members of the National Governing Council of the Democratic Progressive Party have today called for this important press briefing to clarify to the DPP members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well wishers who in politics are referred to as ‘PARTY OWNERS’ to clarify on concerns about matters of Democracy and good governance currently affecting our party, because many party members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well-wishers are aggrieved.


It is undeniable fact that divisions in our party started when the secretary general Hon Grezeder Jeffrey went public that it is time the DPP should hold National Elective Conference following the party’s June, 2020 loss in the presidential fresh elections.
That statement did not go down well with few party leaders in the Central Executive Committee.

This was followed by an event where the DPP Leader of Opposition in Parliament was supposed to be removed unceremoniously and led to the expulsion of three Central Executives Committee members and one Member of Parliament.

The unofficial and unconstitutional campaign for the position of party president further deeply divided our party and presidential aspirants camps were formed.

Members of the press, you may recall that in the heat of these divisions some National Governing Council members led by myself (Hon Ken MSONDA) came together and formed what we called CONCERNED DPP NGC MEMBERS.

The group met both the party leadership through Hon Bright Msaka SC MP and the expelled Central Executive Committee members through Hon Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP and DPP Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

Both sides assured us that they shall try to find ways to resolve their differences through contact and dialogue.

To our dismay, what followed were more misunderstandings and wider divisions especially with the joining in the party presidential race by one aspirant, whom many people, viewed as a preferred presidential candidate supported by few National Governing Council Members, especially from the southern region executive committee

What surprised many DPP members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well wishers was the fact that Central Executive Committee did not rebuke or stop what was happening.

This made other interested senior party members to come out of their cocoon and kick start their campaign trail for party presidency.

There are;
Hon Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP, Vice president for Southern region and Leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon Bright Msaka SC, MP and Vice president for Eastern Region
Hon Joseph Mwanamveka MP and DPP shadow Minister of Finance in Parliament
Hon Dr. Paul Gadama a party member
We also had Prophet Dr. David Mbewe but rumors have it that he has since dumped the party to join the Peoples Party.

What further fueled the divisions and worsened the situation was the continued Central Executive Committee’s silence on what was happening.

Unfortunately other members who showed signs of being interested in the party presidency behind scenes but now came in the open were STRONGLY REBUKED, REFERRED TO AS RABELS AND CONFUSIONISTS – WOWUKIRA WHOSE AGENDA WAS TO DIVIDE THE PARTY AND SELLING IT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.

What is happening in our party at the moment is not health; it is a threat to the multiparty democracy Malawians fought for during the 1992/93 National Referendum.

All this and many other undemocratic, unconstitutional pronouncements, appointments and decisions have made us, members of the National Governing Council who do not belong to any of these so called presidential aspirants’ camps had to do something to stop these divisions now deeply rooted not only among those vying for the position of party presidency but have affected almost all party members, supporters, followers, sympathizers and well wishers across the country.

We need to do something to save our party from worse destruction, otherwise the party risks facing divisions beyond reconciliation!

Meanwhile the Central Executive committee has been removing people and replacing with others without following procedures as stipulated in the party’s constitution, making pronouncements, decisions in favor of few greedy party leaders for personal political gains.

This undemocratic and unconstitutional running of party affairs is tearing the party apart; this has to be stopped, taking this party as their personal estate!

DPP is the biggest and strongest political party in Malawi, the citizenry look at DPP as a government in waiting whose major responsibilities in a democratic dispensation is to offer checks and balances to the governing Tonse Alliance administration.

Unfortunately, instead of DPP playing its rightful role as a strong opposition political party, our party leadership is wasting time with unnecessary, undemocratic, uncivilized, primitive and RAMBO politics, fighting for party presidency

If this is not brought to an immediate stoppage, this party CHITHA NGATI MAKATANI and we shall all lose.

The Democratic Progressive Party Constitution among other important clauses clearly stipulates that;
1- The Central Executive Committee comprises NINE MEMBERS, these are:
– The party president
– The four vice presidents
– The Secretary General
– The Treasurer General
– The National Director of Women
– The National Director of Youth

However the Administrative Secretary acts as Secretary but does not vote because he is not a member of the Central Executive Committee (article 9:2).

2- That the president can invite any member of the NGC to attend it’s meeting as AN OBSERVER but cannot vote (article 9:3-4)

4- That the Central Executive Committee can make appointments but once these appointments are made the National Political Conference shall rectify those appointments at its midterm National Political Conference (article (9:5a)shall be ratified by the National Political Conference

5- That the National Governing Council shall meet at least once a year (article 10:1).

It is against our own party Constitution that;
1- Since the June 2018 National Elective Convention, the party has never conducted a mid-term National political Conference.

2- Since the 2018 National Elective Convention the National Governing Council has never met

3- Since the vice president (south), the Secretary General, the Treasurer General and Member of Parliament were expelled from the party on 2nd October, 2020, the central Executive Committee appointed:
Hon Henry Mussa to replace Hon Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP
Hon Samuel Tembenu SC was appointed to replace Hon Grezeder Jeffry
Hon Nick Masebo was appointed to replace Hon Jappie Mhango
Hon Brown James Mpinganjira was appointed to replace Hon Nicholas Dausi
Hon Shadrick Namalombaa MP was appointed to replace Hon Brown Mpinganjira to a position which is not in our party constitution acting in their respective positions.

4- Since the expulsion of these senior party members who were also members of the Central Executive Committee, it is not known who is making these appointments, decisions, pronouncements, firing of NGC members and replacements we have witnessed lately.


We, as members of the National Governing Council, on our own behalf and on behalf of the majority of party members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well-wishers thought of addressing you members of the media and Malawians in general on the above highlighted matters of democracy and good governance in our once strong political party;
1- Stopping and nullifying ALL APPOINTMENTS MADE FROM 2nd October, 2020, including that of the party spokesperson which is not in our party Constitution.

2- The Secretary General should consult the president and call for National Governing Council meeting to call for the National Elective Conference within 14 days.

We would like to make it crystal clear that our intention is not to ridicule, shame or fighting the current party leadership but to make sure that DPP DOES NOT DIE A NATURAL DEATH.
The best solution to the impasse in the DPP is for the party to go for the National Elective Conference and that decision can only be made by the National Governing Council

Truth be told that the move taken by we National Governing Council members is to protect our beloved party president HE professor Peter Arthur Peter Mutharika from unnecessary stress, shame and blood pressure; we have to protect his legacy as a democrat and statesman.

It is undeniable fact that our party president has been CAPTURED by few greedy politicians for personal political and financial gains.

It is therefore undemocratic, unconstitutional, uncivilized and primitive politics for few party leaders to go round and threatening party members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well wishers to not support the noble cause.

We therefore call upon well meaning bonafide party members, supporters, sympathizers, followers and well wishers to join this noble cause if we are to form the next government come 2025 but these unnecessary squabbles will prevent us from achieving our dreams because everyone is important in politics.


Long live the party President HE Prof. Peter Mutharika

Long live the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

Long live Malawi Democracy

God Bless our nation – Malawi

May we invite questions from the media here present, but be reminded our respected media gurus here present to focus your questions on issues raised any questions outside what has been shared as per our press release shall not be entertained.


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