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Close the back-door, Mutharika wants to use it to regain power

Sep 13, 2022

I have always known that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is power hungry but i never knew they are this hungry for power to the extent of calling for President Chakwera to step down and they form government of National Unity.

There have been attempts this year by the DPP to call for the referendum primarily for them to find a way to craw back in power. We knew those were desperate attempts to get in power through the back door, although their thirsty for power was not this obvious.

Addressing the media at his PAGE residence in Mangochi on Tuesday afternoon, Mutharika went to town attributing the current problems in the coutry to bad governance by President Chakwera.

I think its high time that someone reminds Mutharika that if he was good, Malawians would not have booted him out of power. That someone would have to tell him the truth that he was booted out of power because he failed miserably as a President.

It is laughable to think that the DPP now think they are a solution to the current economic problems. Does it not occur to them that the current economic problems will get better once the global economic problem improves?

As someone has commented on Zodiac online in reaction to the Press Conference that even if the worse comes to the worst, DPP is not an option.

He said: “Ngati kutakhala kusintha utsogoleri ku Malawi singakhale DPP (if at all there could be a change of government DPP is not a considered alternative).”

The surprising thing though is that, it is the same DPP which after the February 2 Constitutional Court ruling for a rerun, Mutharika did not resign to pave way for another election. In any case even the Supreme Court wonderered why the Constitutional Court did not end Mutharika’s Presidency on February 2 when they were calling for flesh election.

But is is not overly surprising because getting and cringing to power is what DPP knows best. Everyone old enough would remember how the DPP staged a “midnight six” to subvert the constitution by preventing Joyce Banda becoming the President when Bingu Wa Mutharika died in 2012.

In 2014 elections they were at it again, forcing their way to power even when it became apparent that they had lost the elections. They tried their crooked antics in 2019 when they tippexed elections until they were stopped in their tracks.

I like the way the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) “alternative government” agenda” in Zimbabwe do their business. They analyse problems and instead of criticising government always they proffer solutions.

This is how responsible opposition do. DPP needs to borrow a leaf of CCC for being a responsible opposition if they are to be of any relevance in this country otherwise Malawians have grown to know them as prisoners of lamentations.

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