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Commentators commends government for creating the Financial Crime Court

Aug 4, 2022

Commentators have described government decision to create the Financial Crime Division of the High Court as a milestone in the fight against corruption.
Quoted by Rainbow television, Chairperson of National Ant- Corruption Alliance Moses Mkandawire said the creation of the special court is timely as it will ensure speedy handling of corruption related cases in the country.
“As we might have heard, there are corruption cases that have not been concluded for a decade because our courts do not have a division to specifically handle corruption related cases. So, this is a welcome development. We just need to ensure that the Head of State assents to the passed bill, so that it becomes a law very quickly,” said Mkandawire.
Echoing Mkandawire’s sentiments, a governance commentator Victor Chipofya said the creation of the special court has been long overdue as there have been delays in the delivery of judgements in the past because the courts were overwhelmed by other cases.
“Our courts are overwhelmed with so many other cases that they have to deal with, so there have been delays in the delivery of judgements. As such, the creation of the Financial Crimes division in the High Court is something that is very welcome as it will help in expediting prosecution of corruption cases,” said Chipofya.
On Tuesday, Parliament amended the Courts Act to pave way for the creation of this division in the High Court to preside over corruption and financial related crimes in the country. The establishment of this court replaces the Fourth Resident Magistration Courts.

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