CONGOMA condemns World super powers for monopolising Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing

Mar 13, 2022

This type of monopoly is not acceptable and has to be condemned

Council for Non Governmental Organization (Congoma) has called for Economic Super powers to transfer Covid 19 vaccination technologies to African Countries so that these countries are able to manufacture the jabs on their on.

Speaking in an interview Malawi Health Equity Network (MEHN) which is also a member of Congoma, Program Manager Davies Mwachumu said Malawi has a capacity to manufacture Covid 19 vaccines but lacks this technology.

“We ask Government of Malawi to ensure this monopoly is not there Covid – 19 vaccines are for everyone and not few companies making profits on them,” Said Mwachumu.

Mwachumu called on Government of Malawi and all governments globally to urgently agree to and implement a global roadmap to deliver the WHO goal of fully vaccinating 70 percent of people by mid- 2022 for sustainable, timely and equitable access worldwide to Covid-19 vaccines.

Mwachumu said millions of Malawians and billions of people worldwide are yet to access Covid-19 vaccines and treatment saying pharmaceutical companies are recording profits of over US$1 million per hour.

As the world commemorates the second year since the World Health Organization [WHO] formally declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic, the Council for NGOs in Malawi [CONGOMA] in partnership with Global Call to Action Against Poverty [GCAP] and People’s Vaccine, have join the rest of the world in this commemoration on 11th March, 2022.

Mwachumu said Malawi and the world have suffered severe effects of the pandemic including loss of lives and economic opportunities, among others.

According to Mwachumu countries begin a third year with Covid-19, it is imperative for the world to institute strategies that would end the pandemic saying every life lost now is avoided, there is no more time to waste.

MEHN said, Covid-19 is not expected to go away on its own, saying the only way people could permanently stop Covid’s disruptions to their lives, is for people to help make vaccines, tests and treatments readily available to everyone to prevent new and even deadlier variants from arising.

It says Covid-19 vaccines, treatment and tests available to governments and institutions at a price as close to the true cost and provided free of charge to everyone, and allocated according to need, calling on Government of Malawi to scale up sustainable investment in public health system.

“Government must invest public funding in a rapid and massive increase in vaccine, research and development,’’ reads the statement in part.

The CONGOMA says there are over 100 facilities across the world that could start providing more vaccine doses saying big pharmacies monopoly stranded over these technologies was temporarily lifted and the recipes were proactively shared.

The organization says Government must deliver on a long-awaited intellectual property waiver, compel to pharmaceutical cost to share vaccine-making know-how, and fund the production of regional vaccine and treatment production hubs.

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