Construction of Aquatic Swimming Pool and Griffin Saenda Sports Complex not yet completed – Chimwendo Banda

Jan 6, 2023

By Cedric Nkungula

Construction works on the state of the art Aquatic Swimming Pool and Griffin Saenda in – door Sports Complex is yet to be finalized and handed to government, Sports Minister Richard Chimwendo Banda has said.

On Friday, social media was awash with a video of sunken pavement blocks and cracking sides of the newly constructed pool.

But writing on his Facebook page, the sports minister explained that both facilities are incomplete as the contractor only did a makeshift structure for the hosting of Region 5 Games last month.

He emphasized that the contractor is still on the site and is yet to hand over the two projects to government.

“The Aquatic Swimming Complex and Saenda have not been completed and handed over to government. There is never been an opening function of these facilities as the works are not even above 60 percent,” added Chimwendo Banda.

“These makeshift cover up was for the hosting of the Region 5 Games and all these temporal work is going. That’s why all the chairs for the swimming complex were removed soon after the games.”

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