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Corporate world to service AUSC games

Jul 15, 2022

By Tione Andsen – Mana

Government has said hosting of Africa Union Sport Council (AUSC) Region 5 Youth Games in December 2022 provided an opportunity for the corporate world to showcase their products and grow their businesses.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Richard Chimwendo Banda made the remarks Thursday during a Corporate Breakfast for the 10th Edition of the Region 5 Youth Games Lilongwe 2022 at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

He said the Region 5 youth games provide an opening to the corporate to strike partnerships and links with government ministries and department and the privates sector to conducting meaningful businesses.

Chimwendo Banda said the games offers a lot of opportunities which need to be utilized by both local and international companies operating in the country.

“The Youth games have the ability to help corporate world to make sustainable income for their businesses through partnership, links, sales and branding using various precuts on the market,” the Minister said.

He said sports industry cut across many features like hotels, catering, transport, insurance, medical and finance to which opens up for more business opportunities during the hosting of the games.

Chimwendo Banda added that the corporate world should join hands with Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to explore areas in which they could work together in order to successfully deliver the games in December, 2022.

“Over 70 percent of the country’s young people are future employees or customers to various companies and coming to interact with them provides an opportunity to market their products,” he said.
The Minister pointed out that the games are expected to have over 10 million Television (TV) viewers to which the corporate world could use to advertise their products and arrange some product placements in competition venues.

Chimwendo Banda added that there would be over 100,000 physical spectators to the games which was an advantage for the companies to market their products owing to the fact that some are not able to reach out to many customs at once.
He said the games would create over 500 new jobs and currently 200 of them are already employed with 800 volunteers working on the ground.
Chimwendo Banda said 400 drivers have employed in order to improve the transports of the participating countries and officials.
“Your business exists to make money and this is an opportunity for you to make money by being part of the process to help delivering the games,” the Minister added.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Malawi Chambers of Commerce and industry (MCCI), Chancellor Kaferapanjira said so many players in the private sector are looking forward to the opportunity in order to be visible within the region.
He said as you are aware that the country was not exporting much and we are sometimes running short of forex as result of that.
“There is huge opportunity for the private sector players to be visible on regional markets with over 10 countries participating during the games. Am seeing them coming forward pledges their support to the games,” Kaferapanjira stated.

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