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COSOMA introduces Copyright Fund project

Sep 6, 2022

In it’s continued efforts of promoting and protecting artists , Copyright Society of Malawi has introduced a Copyright Fund which will among other things be awarding of grants to corporated companies, Charities, Societies ,trusts in cultural Sector,or any person Government ministry interested in cultural Sector ,etc.

In his welcoming remarks Mutty Munkhondia said it’s main objectives of the Copyright Fund will be enforcement of Copyright law , promotion and improvement of creativity and artistic skills , promotion and preservation of works which depict a cultural identity of Malawi and Civic education.

In his remarks ,the Fund Manager Mr. Blessings Botha said this is another door opening to artists in Malawi and this project will promote our tourism industry and boost our economy as Malawi will be able to preserve it’s culture and export it to other Countries.

The fund will support projects/activities aimed at developing capacity, quality and diversity of the Copyright industry, enhancing public education/awareness on Copyright matters, offering support for law enforcement initiatives, assisting in anti-piracy campaigns /activities, contributing towards conserving, protecting and promoting Malawi culture within the Copyright works.

Each project duration will be 24 months and subject to renewal.

In attendance was Secretary of Chewa Heritage, Mulhako o wa A Lhomwe,Chiwanja cha a Yao ,Tumbuka Heritage,Ngumano wa Mang’anja Na Asena , Writers Union
of Malawi , Poetry Union of Malawi Union of Academic and Non Fiction Authors , Sungani za kwathu and Musicians.

Ben Mankhamba representing Chingalire Homesty and Dr.Numeri Geresomo (Secretary General of Chewa Heritage Foundation) in separate interviews said Malawians have passion but lucks capacity. The coming in of this Copyright Fund will boost their talents .

Norwegian ambassador started the project in 2005 and signed a Memorandum of understanding with COSOMA to work together,this time around issues of Human rights has been included and it has been open to the public.

*Sapulain Chitonde Lee*

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