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Cyclone Anna Survivors Shot on the Arm in Chikwawa

Mar 9, 2022

You give because God has asked us to reach out to those in difficult situation giving to me is a calling and I will always cheerfully do this”

By Bright Ndau- Malawi Exclusive

It was all smiles for the people of Samson Village in Chikwawa, East Bank recently when 189 households thronged to receive floods relief items from Citizen Transformation Initiative led by Onjezi Kenani.

Recently Apostle Clifford Kawinga donated K10m to the initiative to enable it carry out relief program due to the Cyclone Anna, in areas of their interest.

Apostle Kawinga is a business mogul with a group of companies among them, CRECK Hardware, CK ceramics, CK Cold Storage, CK Properties and CK farms. He is also the founder of the Salvation for All Ministries based in Lilongwe.

In addition to the 189 households reached out on Saturday, the citizen transformation initiative also distributed various relief items to 285 households at Thabwa Camp last week totaling to 475 households so far.

Yamikani Kunashe led the distribution of the relief items. Meanwhile the initiative is remaining with one distribution exercise to be undertaken in a while.

Writing on his page Onjezani kenani said he was amazed by the selfless spirit by his team to help in the distribution of the items.

“I am deeply inspired by the selfless and dedication of all eight colleagues who have volunteered to do this humanitarian work,” Kenani wrote adding,” the team work among us is amazing”

In an interview, Apostle Clifford Kawinga said he believes reaching out to those underprivileged and those in difficult situations as a calling, not that he has too much.

“You give because God has asked us to reach out to those in difficult situation,” he said , adding “ giving to me is a calling and I will always cheerfully do this”

Apostle Kawinga went on saying all the things God blesses an individual with are meant to bring glory to God and give is one such an action as well.

In interview Kenana said was so honored to be entrusted by Apostle Clifford Kawinga with the K10m donation. Kenani was quick to promise that they would prudently utilize the resources and account for all the funds donated.

“We deeply appreciate the gesture by the Man of God and definitely we want to make sure that every single tambala he donated is used for intended purpose” he said.

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