Decentralization of Legal Aid Bureau to promote access to justice

Aug 7, 2022

Decentralization of Legal Aid Bureau to promote access to justice
By Tione Andsen
Lilongwe, August 6, Mana: Government has said decentralization of Legal Aid Bureau was one way of promoting g access to justices in the country.
Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo said this Friday in Lilongwe during Media briefing a head of 2022 Annual Conference Africa Bar Association (AfBA) Conference hosted by Malawi Law Society (MLS) at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).
He pointed out that access to justice does not only imply to courts but also legal service where people are able to be presented a lawyer in a court.
“We have established offices of Legal Aid Bureau in district councils so that they should be easy access to legal service within their locality,” Mvalo added.
Mvalo said through Chilungamo Project being funded by European Union (EU) was constructing more courts in most districts to ensure access to justice was enhanced.
He noted that the annual conference wound help participate to discuss ways and means to tackle human trafficking issues.
Mvalo believes handling of issues of human trafficking issues need collective responsibility among counties in Africa,
He said the conference would have the participation of officials from Police, Immigration, Army and Prisons as they are part of stakeholders entrusted to enforce the laws of the country.
The Minister said the conference aims at instituting an enduring and intergeneration legacy of transparent and accountable governance on the African continent whilst adding the values of that underlie African democracy which was common to mankind.
President of AfBA, Hannibal Uwaifo hailed Malawi government for committing itself to promoting rule of law and good governance.
He encouraged Malawi to sustain its stand on rule and law and good governance adding that there only few countries in Africa those are able to demonstrated the spirit of promoting it
Uwaifo cited issues of rigging elections need to be taking seriously and that delegates to the conference should come out clearly with tangible solutions.
He said African countries should make sure that issue of rule and law and good governance are put into practices not just theoretic.
President of MLS, Patrick Mpaka said AfBA work independently in encouraging governments in Africa to adhere to issues of rule of law and governance.
He aid Malawi has been singled out as one of the countries in Africa doing well in promoting their rule law and governance which need to be consolidated further.
President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera is expected to preside over official opening of the conference which will run from August 8 to 11, 2022 under the theme “Instituting an Enduring Legacy of Transparent and Accountable Governance in Africa: Basic Issues and the Road Map”.

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