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Delivery lab opens in Lilongwe

Oct 22, 2021

Malalwi Exclusive – Reporter

The Malawi Presidential Delivery Unit, (PDU), opened its first delivery lab on Wednesday, October 22, 2021 with stakeholders from government ministries, departments, the general public, private sector, and international organizations converging in the nation’s capital, to work on accelerating the implementation of the President’s agenda.

Opening the lab at Bingu International Conference Centre, Deputy Secretary to the President, Dr. Janet Banda, said the teams working at the lab must fast track and solve the challenges hindering projects and that accountability should form the major basis for deliberations and decision making.

The current lab will run for four weeks; mapping the key priority areas for President Chakwera’s agenda and fast tracking the implementation of the projects under those priority areas.

As he launched both the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) and the delivery labs at Capital Hill, on Monday, October 18, President Chakwera said about the PDU.

“It is a special room in my office with a team of professionals working around the clock to ensure that the key priorities that Dr. Chilima and I promised to deliver for Malawians are being implemented by the MDAs that have the mandate and responsibility to do so.”

Making her presentation at both the launch and opening of the labs, the head of the Presidential Delivery Unity, Miss Collin Zamba, said that the lab is a platform that will bring together all relevant stakeholders, in the same place at the same time, in intense sessions to find solutions.

Dr Thomas Munthali, Director of the National Planning Commission, said the labs are a welcome initiative and that they will help accelerate the 2063 agenda for Malawi to be a wealthy and self-reliant nation.

The inaugural lab which has its operation base at Bingu International Conference Centre, will run for a month, and will involve different ministries and departments.

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