• November 29, 2022 5:54 pm

Deputy Minister Of Health Advocates for Health Financing

Nov 19, 2022

Health Deputy Minister Enock Phale says it is time for African governments to be working together towards resolving issues affecting the health sector and save lives.

Phale said this on Wednesday in Morocco where he is attending the 1st African Health Harm Reduction Conference saying countries coming together to find workable solutions to emerging health issues is a milestone towards providing quality healthcare.

“The biggest obstacle we face in Africa is health financing, we need to finance Healthcare,, and this is what we are doing in Malawi,” Phale said.

Honorable Phale said as policy holders it is now time to put in place policies which will save people better.

The conference organised by the government of Morocco has gathered delegates from across Africa to discuss Health Harm Reduction.

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