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Deputy Minister of Health engages District Environmental Health Officers on Cholera

Nov 10, 2022

Health Deputy Minister, Enock Phale, MP has assured the nation that Government is doing everything possible ensure that cholera disease is contained in a manner that the disease does not continue spreading and claiming lives.

This was disclosed on 10th November 2022 at a meeting in Liwonde where he presided over the official opening of the 2022 District Environmental Health Officers’ quarterly review meeting.

“I am personally convinced that you are one of the important entity that need to come up with constructive, effective and efficient strategies that would see the country containing the current pandemics including cholera outbreak that has affected almost all the districts.” He said.

Phale added “This is the more reason why we are engaging strategic stakeholders including you so that we continously offer our energy and time to better guide the nation on high impact preventive interventions that can contain the so many pandemics confronting us including the unexpected cholera outbreak even though we are currently delivering our services in a constrained economic environment. Let’s take this as our challenge and use every available resource to the maximum.

He has further challenged the participants to rethink on the current approaches and probably take a holistic and integrated approach in managing the environmental health services in the country.

“Let me emphasise that delivery of Health services is not a monopoly of the Ministry of Health alone. We need concerted efforts by different stakeholders to make significant strides against our indicators and the current disease outbreaks like cholera have demonstrated this need of multi-sectoral collaboration in the fight against them,” Hon Phale said.

During the meeting, the UNICEF has pledged its continued technical and financial support to Ministry of Health for improved health outcomes.

This was disclosed by Dr Sethy who represented UNICEF at the meeting whose organisation also provided funding for the quarterly DEHOs review conference.

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