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Disaster Affect Health Service Delivery, Deputy minister Laments.

Mar 6, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Deputy minister of Health who is also member of Parliament for Salima Northwest Constituency Enock Phale says the disasters the country is experiencing has also greatly affected the health sector calling on citizens and partners to hold hands and reverse the trends.

According to Phale due to the disasters pregnant women and children are failing to access health facilities due to damaged bridges not to mention some hospitals where medicines have literally been washed away by flooding waters.

Phale made the remarks in Salima on Saturday where he presided over tree planting exercise in Salima Central Constituency organised by the member of Parliament for the area Gerard Kapiseni Phiri with support from Fruit Helo and partners from Sweden.

“As a ministry we have been greatly affected by the disasters, some facilities have lost medical drugs, the buildings damaged and in other areas the bridges and roads are impassable making it hard for people in such areas to access health facilities.” Phale said.

He this said it is imperative for the citizenry and all people of good will to collaborative and plant trees while taking care of the trees already there to address the challenge and reduce the impact of cyclones.

Parliamentarian for Salima Central Constituency Gerard Kapiseni Phiri who said the country will continue to suffer the impact of harsh weather conditions if people will continue neglecting afforestation.

“It bleeds my heart to see people ignoring nature at a time we are all witnesses of the impact of harsh weathers causing floods partly because of human activities thereby government is losing a lot of money on rehabilitation project not to mention about people losing property and lives.” Kapiseni Phiri said.

According to Director for DULU foundation Sheikh Ishmael Allan with support from Fruit Helo and partners from Sweden over 100,000 trees are expected to be planted.

“We thank Malawi government for being supportive to our initiatives and as an organisation we felt compelled together with our partners to help the community we serve by sponsoring this important activity of tree planting considering the level of devastation,” Sheikh Allan said.

Over five thousand households in Salima were in February this year hardly affected by floods attributed to environmental degradation.

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