DPP and UTM dump their supporters in the cold

Sep 5, 2022

Straight from last week’s humiliating defeat, both the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and UTM stormed the city of Blantyre in the quest to redeem themselves and make a statement that they are still relevance in face of their fading hopes but it was never to be.

Not long ago the DPP and its offshoot UTM used to excite cities particularly Blantyre which was thought to be their bedrock but things were different this time around as people went about their business as if there were no rallies.

By 1.00 pm, Bangwe Desert Ground which played host to DPP, looked deserted for a rally which was scheduled to start at 2.00. Sensing imminent embarrasment the ever scheming DPP cadres had to arrange an impromptu plan to ferry supporters from nearby areas such as Thunga and Bvumbwe to fill the ground.

As the mother party was doing this, UTM was busy fooling themselves across town, thus the populace township of Ndirande where they had their own rally. They two had to ferry supporters from as far as Neno and Ntcheu districts but the Nyambadwe School Ground was never to be filled to capacity.

Being a cloth from the same fabric, after the rallies the two parties abandoned their supporters and people clad in blue for the DPP and red for the UTM were seen loitering hopelessly around the streets of Blantyre.

For DPP there was evidence that some organizers of the rally deliberately abandoned the supporters who looked worried as they were trying to figure out how will get back to their respective homes.

According to a WhatsApp conversation of the Southern region committee mostly comprising party gurus loyal to Mutharika, the regional committee was aware that there were people who were looking for them to ferry them home as they did when ferrying them to the meeting but no one cared to help them.

One Mai Nachuma, who is the DPP’s Director of women in the Southern region, in the Whatsapp conversation said she drove away immediately the function came to an end because she did not want to be burdened with the responsibilities of dispatching the needy supporters.

“When I saw a group of women approaching my car I looked for an opportunity to leave the place without them noticing and I did and left them at the ground,” she said.

As this was happening, some UTM women who were reportedly ferried from Neno and Ntcheu were seen taking refuge at one of the service stations within the city as they vainly waited for a party official responsible for logistical arrangements but was no where to be seen

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