DPP approval rating hits all time low

Jun 13, 2022

Chakwera gets vote of confidence from Malawians on KIA-Chiweta Road project

Chances of Democratic Progressive Party (DP)P bouncing back in power are increasingly becoming slim. Two years after Malawians condemned them to the opposition, the party is still not the ideal choice, not now, or any time in the foreseeable future.

On Sunday the party took to the social media trying to discredit President Chakwera’s achievement of securing the funding amounting to 117 Euros from the European Investment Bank for the 300 kilometers M1 Road Project stretching from Kamuzu International Airport to Chiweta. However, the efforts backfired and only succeeded in giving Malawians an opportunity to expressed themselves on what they thought of the DPP.

Their write up reads: “Chakwera will launch the M1 Road project which was initiated and secured by the DPP led government under His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika with Euro 95m from European investment Bank in 2019. Malawi to contribute the balance of it.”

However, like the horror of shame, hundreds of Malawians responded to the statement disapprovingly while commending President Chakwera for the development. These are samples of comments selected randomly from a long thread reacting to the DPP’s lack of development consciousness at heart
One Patrick Mazick wrote: “DPP thinks they own this country.

Their level of incompetence and foolishness is beyond madness. I am a member of DPP but I have no room to support rubbish. This party has nothing good to offer. Hell is the only place they belong.”

Fredrick Mwendera had this take on the issue: “But you slept on the job and sat on the files. You were too jealous to give Malawians good development projects because of such unpatriotic mindset.

What you knew is how to get rich as politicians nothing else. Your whole team needs lectures on mindset change otherwise you are not qualified to govern Malawi again.”

Ashton Mzumara weighed in by saying: “With this kind of mindset, you don’t deserve any seat in parliament next election. National projects don’t belong to the Government which is people who pays.”

Staphie Mphande said:” With this spirit you never bounce back into government.”
Timothy Sharama Malinga had this to say: “Worst opposition ever.”

This is a clear demonstration that the party continues losing ground. Malawians know good things that are in their best interest when they see one, DPP is not one of those good things.

This development project is very important to Malawi that is why it has received overwhelming support.

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