DPP has never loved the northern region

Jun 7, 2022

The apology is not genuine

By Malawi Exclusive

How time flies! Who could have imagined that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which swore that they could win the election without the votes from the region could go there asking for their support. On Sunday the DPP held a rally at Katoto ground in Mzuzu.

One by one the DPP gurus including George Chaponda also known Kaloswe for his involvement in maizegate took swipe at President Chakwera’s administration.

Religions teaches people to be count their blessings, the same thing cannot be said when it comes to what the DPP to the people up north at its height of power.

It was the same Chaponda who at one of the many DPP functions said that DPP could have still won the 2009 election without votes from northern region.

These hurtful words were not the only devious thing that the DPP regime inflicted on the people of the northern region, the DPP administration subjected people of northern region to many upheavals such that their bad deeds outweigh the good deeds if at all there were any.

If truth be told, notherners loved DPP but the DPP did not love them. The region abandoned one of their own Chakufwa Chihana and his Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) and embraced Bingu Wa Mutharika and DPP. In a show of show of affection for the party, the DPP supporters erected a billboard at Jenda with words “Welcome to the Northern the home of DPP”. Before the powers turned their backs on those loyal supporters, this bill board became the trademark entry into the northern region but their support was not appreciated by the ungrateful DPP leadership.

July 20 will go down in history as one of the worst days in our country. Malawians who were fed up with the growing impunity of the Bingu Wa Mutharika leaders took to the street on this day in 2012 to express their displeasure and dissatisfaction over the DPP failed promises Bingu’s dictatorial leadership. Mutharika who at the time was the proponent of the “shoot to kill” instructed the Malawi police to kill innocent unarmed people whose sins was to exercise their right to demonstration as enshrined in our constitution. Twenty people were mercilessly massacred and score others were injured. The northern region bore the worst blunt of that brutal regime as 11 people were killed.
Bingu showed no remorse for the lost souls instead he went to town calling the dead people as “thieves”

To say that Bingu was an enemy of the northern region is not an exaggeration as he publicly chastised the people of the northern region as cheats. He was on record saying that the people from northern region are not as intelligent but are spoon fed by a way of sharing the answers before the exam. Bingu was hell bent on frustrating the northerners. His administration introduced the quota system. He claimed that the system was a way of ensuring equitable allocation of places in the public universities to all the Malawians students. This punitive system brought dire consequences to students from the region as many deserving students were left out.

Chakufwa Chihana is a giant of our history. He led the way in fighting the one-party system for his and ushering the multiparty democracy, yet he was treated by Bingu Wa Mutharika as nobody. Without sounding being rationalistic, being raise in the northern region was first and foremost the son of the north before he became a national icon. If not for the minority in population in the north, Chakufwa Chihana could have become the first president in the democratic Malawi but our regionalistic voting pattern benefitted Bakili Muluzi southerner who went on to rule for ten years from 1994. It took the same Muluzi at some point to appoint Chihana as the Second Vice President. In the same spirit it was it was reported in the local publications that Muluzi had to continue being the Second Vice President in Bingu’s administration as Chihana partnered the Bingu led UDF. But Chihana was overlooked and he had to be compensated with the post of minister of agriculture. This was another indication of disapproval for the people from the northern region Bingu is spoken of glowingly as a strong man who repelled the scare of impeachment from the hostile opposition in his troubled first term, what was often overlooked was the contribution of Rodwell Munyenyembe in the whole saga. When the John Tembo led opposition with the support from the angry UDF parliamentarians wanted to impeach Bingu for ditching the party (UDF). If not for Munyenyembe the as the Speaker of Parliament that time Bingu could have been impeached. Munyenyembe was caught in the middle of cross fire in heated parliament parliamentary proceedings and died of suspected heart attack. As a UDF Stewart, he sacrificed his party interest for the national interest. But as nepotistic DPP was especially coming from northern region, he was not appreciated
The DPP promised to build Mombera University and the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in the southern and northern region respectively. While MUST university was constructed the Mombera was abandoned. It is only current government which following through that broken promise as it is putting together piece to actualize what was only a promise by the abusive (DPP) Government
As Abraham Lincoln said: if you want to test man’s character, give him power. DPP never loved the northerner when at the height of its power. But news that the party has apologized to the people of northern on how they treated they when they were in power is not surprising. The DPP is in bad shape, their Lhomwe base is crumbling, Kondwani Nankhumwa is not relenting on his quest to wrestle power from Peter Mutharika. Now they want they are begging for support for the same people who mattered less when they were in power. This is what DPP does best, loving people when it is convenient to them
Surely, northerners can only forgive but they cannot forget what they went through under DPP regime

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