• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

DPP internal fighting continues Karan Thom Mutharika family demands apology from Namalomba

By Vincent Gunde- Malawi Exclusive

Dust is refusing to settle in Democratic Progressive Party with the new twist of the entire Karan Thom Mutharika family expressing disappointment over a press statement issued by Hon. Shadreck Namalomba MP on Friday, 14th January, 2022 with the title The Truth about the Mutharika’s family.

The family has called upon Hon. Namalomba to withdraw his statement and apologize for abusing his powers to assassinate their father’s characters and for putting their family’s name into disrepute, asking him to withdraw his statement within 3 days, failure to which, they shall seek legal redress from the courts.

They say Hon. Namalomba has put their family’s integrity and reputation at stake as it tarnishes their character and rights as descendants of the family tree saying he should realize that being the Party’s Spokesperson does not qualify him to be a family spokesperson as there is no relationship between his family and the Mutharika’s clan.

In a statement signed by Pastor Joseph Tom Mutharika, the family says Hon. Namalomba castigated their father by calling him a fraudulent and an imposter which is a very serious allegation under the law as it insinuates that their father is conman who is deceitfully attempting to seek favours from Former President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika by alleging himself to the Mutharika name and action.

The family says it has acknowledged Hon. Dr. kondwani Nankhumwa MP paying their ailing father a visit just like anyone else who has ever or might be interested in cheering him saying Nankhumwa came in good faith and they were surprised to learn that his visit created a public uproar following his media coverage and the pictures spread on social media.

It says the family of Karan Thom Mutharika has never associated themselves with any political movement, activity, personality or platform and or in accelerating anyone’s political career, distancing themselves from any political tension between members of the DPP Party as a result of the hullabaloo that ensued from Hon. Dr. Nankhumwa’s visit.

The family has condemned the behavior of politicians who take advantage of a situation in order to gain public appraisal saying whenever one want to assist, advising them not to climb on top of the mountain and beat the drum for the world to notice of one’s good ideas.

“About the relationship with the family of Professor Bingu wa Mutharika, there are disputable facts and adequate evidence to prove our father’s relationship with the Bingu wa Mutharika family, Hon. Namalomba can alter this but facts are facts,” reads the statement in part.

The family has since asked Hon. Namalomba to tell them as well as the whole nation as to who they are and if they are imposters, where did they come from and who are their real names? Posing a question to Hon. Namalomba that why did they not come out in public to claim this relation when both Professor Bingu wa Mutharika and Arthur Peter Mutharika were presidents and why doing it now?

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