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DPP legislator vows to cause chaos in parliament

Jun 27, 2022

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator for Mulanje West Yusuf Nthenda has vowed to cause chaos in Parliament during the forthcoming meeting if the party is not going to rescind its decision of removing Kondwani Nankhumwa as the Leader of Opposition in the August House.

The party has since replaced Nankhumwa with George Chaponda following a voting process involving almost 26 out of the 77 MPs from the party.

During a meeting convened on Sunday by party president Peter Mutharika at his PAGE House in Mangochi, it is reported that delegates voted unonimasouly to remove Nankhumwa, who of late has been unpopular within the party’s hierarchy.

But reacting to the news, Nthenda who was once suspended by the party, told privately owned MIJ FM that there will be chaos in parliament during the next meeting of parliament which starts next month.

“Expect chaos in parliament. I cannot be led by George Chaponda. Who is George Chaponda? My leader of opposition is Komndwani Nankhumwa,” said a highly charged Nthenda.

Meanwhile Chaponda has told everyone who is against his leadership to quit the party as he focuses on rebuilding the party.
“Let everyone who is not comfortable with my appointment quit the party honourably” said Chaponda.

Since losing the 2022 Presidential Elections, dust has been refusing to settle in the former ruling party. On several occasions senior party members have dragged the party to court challenging some administrative decisions.

At one time, Nankhumwa, Party Secretarey General Grezelder Jeffrey, Treasure General Jappie Mhango and Yusuf Nthenda were all expelled from the party for what the party leadership called gross indiscipline.
The four were later reinstated after a protracted court battle.

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