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DPP Presidential aspirant Ngalande questions Chilima’s integrity on the back of his arrest

Feb 27, 2023

One of the presidential aspirants in Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Cedric Ngalande has expressed dismay that State Vice President Saulos Chilima has not resigned despite being arrested for being suspected of being involved corrption related offences.

Speaking on Saturday on Times Exclusive Television hosted by Brian Banda, the US based DPP presidential aspirant said it is surprising that the Vice President is staying put on his position even after being arrested and that Malawians are not bothered by the development.

“Most of the things in Malawi are not normal. We have a Vice President who has been arrested for [corruption allegations] but he has not resigned,” said Ngalande.

Ngalande was also critical of the media for not pressurising him to do the honourable thing by resigning.

He also faulted Parliament for not moving a motion to impeach him.

“I’m surprized that the media is has not asked him to resign. Nobody in Parliament has started the proceedings for his [Vice President’s] impeachment,” wondered Ngalande.

Ironically, there were disturbing scenes in Parliament on 17th of this month the day President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera presented the 50th State of the Nation Address when the Vice President was treated to a standing ovation in Parliament even with the corruption charges dangling around his neck.

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