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DPP Presser receives vote of no confidence

May 30, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

The more things change the more they remain the same. On Monday one camp from the divided Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) took turn accusing President Chakwera’s Tonse-led administrations for the economic problems the country is experiencing.

Like they did with the infamous Midnight Six they gathered at Crown Hotel in Lilongwe, one by one, the power hungry party gurus comprising Goodall Gondwe, Bright Msaka, Joseph Mwanamveka, Dalitso Kabambe and a few others took turns saying nothing which made some viewers following the proceeding through Times online wondering what they were saying:
“what are you really saying?.” One viewer asked.

“What is your point?” Another wondered.
These are sentiments by people who were finding it difficult to be convinced by the speakers who lack credibility to say what they are saying because they are no better in any description.

Even Goodall Gondwe who failed to make the economy of this country tick mustered the courage to speak. Gondwe and the fallen head of state Bingu Wa Mutharika in whose stewardship saw the economy crumbling because of forex scarcity and fuel shortages resulting from clumsy handling of the economy had the audacity to blame the current administration. He accused President Chakwera’s who came in power when Covid-19 was wreaking havoc in the world.

The former Finance Minister blamed the leader whose administration has had to endure the devasting effects of tropical cyclones. The leader who is doing remarkably well to contain the effects of the Ukraine war which has spared no country. Gondwe went to town accusing the President whose leadership has not grounded the economy the way he did at the height of fuel scarcity in 2012 when he was the Minister of Finance
Gondwe said so many things but of particular interest is the one which he alleged that the Chakwera administration has done nothing on the economy that is why the prices of commodities are soaring. Maybe the old man is being forgetful, die to his old age, that the Ukraine war has affected every country.
In South Africa where we assume to have a robust economy, people are suffering because of the recent increase in fuel price which has seen the prices of public transport being adjusted. In the Rainbow country too, people think government is not doing enough on the prices of commodities. Victor Madau reacted angrily on fuel price adjustment on enca.com.

Said Madau: “There will be shutdowns in most major cities. What happened last year will again happen this year. I am telling you this time, it is going to be full scale looting. People are hungry yet the government only enjoys seeing them suffer. But the fall is yet to happen for the ANC.”

Bringing this statement is not justifying the current economic situation in Malawi but it is way to stress that what is happening in the country is an indication of a global problem. Bright Msaka churned out two nonsensical points which unknowingly reflected badly on themselves. He said that President Chakwera’s administration promised to construct the Mombera University but so far nothing has been done. This is very interesting comment no wonder one viewer has to ask this thought provoking question: “Are you referring to the same Mombera University whose money you squandered?”

Now the issue of Mombera is very interesting and if these people were wise enough they could have remained quiet on this issue. During their time, the said University was just a conduit for syphoning money from state coffers, even a foundation of the said University did not take off yet it was alleged that some people such as Musician Dan Lu were getting salaries as lecturers.

The DPP gurus laboured to convince Malawians why they are a better option. This far it is not an insinuation to suggest that these people are manipulative and are taking advantage of the narrative that Malawians forget things easily, but the truth is that the wounds they inflicted on Malawians are too deep to heal that easily. Anyone aged enough knows that we are in this mess because of the ruthless DPP.

What the former IMF Director of African Department Abebe Aemro Selassie points to the fact that the DPP government was as guilty as charged for messing up the economy. According to the Nation newspaper of Oct 5 2021 Selassie said his organization was concerned with the case of misreporting during the implementation of the Extended Credit Facility (ECF). He said the IMF treat the issue of reporting ‘’seriously”.
However, Selassie commemded President Chakwera’s efforts in seeing the program on track

He said: ‘’The IMF takes misreporting cases seriously and, in this regard, I appreciate the authority’s efforts in delivering on the corrective actions”
The DPP may try to play around with people’s minds, but they will not succeed and the misery they inflicted In the Malawian’s hearts will haunt them forever.

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