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DPP reject MEC report on constituency redemarcation

Nov 24, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa – Malawi Exclusive

The Democratic Progressive Party DPP says it is against the resolution to increase number of constituencies from 193 to 229.

This follows parliament’s cofirmation of recommendation of the Malawi Electrol Commission to increase the number of constituencies by 36 on 18 November 2022 in the run up to 2025 general elections.

A statement dated 23 November 2022, from the office of the party’s spokesperson Shadric Namalomba said that Malawi is a poor nation and cannot sustain the proposed 229 constituencies as its economy it’s already struggling to provide basic goods and services to it’s people.

“At the current remuneration of Members of Parliament, the additional number of constituencies will cost the tax payers an additional expenditure in excess of MK16.8 billion in five years in salaries and benefits to the Members of Parliament”. Reads the statement.

The statement adds that increasing the number of constituencies is not a matter of priority for government that cares for it’s people.

“The DPP strongly believes that such scarce public resources should be spent on priority areas to avert hunger, diseases and illiteracy to enable the country meet its Vision 2063.

Malawians may also wish to note that some of our neighboring countries such as Tanzania and Zambia have less number of constituencies than Malawi despite having comparatively higher population, higher land size and higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”. The statement said.

The statement further said that the Malawi Electrol Commission misdirected itself as it applied section 76 (2) of the Constitution in determining constituency boundaries adding that determinations does not only mean increasing the number of constituencies.

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