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DPP should put it’s hands off from accusing Chakwera trip to UNGA

Sep 19, 2022

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) should put it’s hands off from accusing Malawi President Dr Lazaru Chakwera on the number of delegates currently at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

DPP has been on the forefront accusing President Chakwera of spending more days in UNGA as well as taking with him more officials.

However, just to remind Mutharika that in 2016 , Mutharika took with him 137 officials from various ministries, departments, agencies and party officials.

These party officials were being selected across all the party hierarchy that is from youths, women, and Members of Parliament. Isaac Jomo Osman benefitted from these free for all trips.

Apart from the blotted delegation of 137 people, Mutharika also spent another 30 days eating the tax payers money.

After attending the 69th United Nations General Assembly Muntharika did not come back home and spent a whole month afterwards, wining and dining.

His  unexplained absence led to speculation that he had either gone awol or was hiding debilitating illness. The failure by his government to explain his whereabouts only served to fuel the speculation.

Mutharika landed in New York on September 16 for the UN general assembly, which ended on September 26. As it is always the case in Malawi, the reports about his trip were dominated by issues about the size of his entourage.

When Mutharika finally returned on October 16, he only used his left hand to wave at and greet people who welcomed him at the airport.

Given that he is right-handed, the use of his left hand and the seemingly inflexible right hand gave credence to the rumours that he has been receiving medical treatment in America.

He did not hold the customary press conference for Malawi presidents returning from official duties. Instead the president held a press briefing five days later. He told the nation that he was in good health and that he only used his left hand because he was diagnosed with rheumatism on his right. He was not moving it, he explained, because he had received an injection on his way back home.

After considerable social media pressure, Mutharika’s communication team was eventually forced to respond about their president’s whereabouts.

But the team’s response to what were serious questions on a matter of public interest question bordered on contempt. Mutharika’s spokesperson retorted that the president was running the country via Skype. Yet the vice president is supposed to assume full presidential duties in the absence of the president.

What was more peculiar was the fact that even the state media, which follows the president everywhere and publishes all the trivia about him, was silent this time. Speculation abounded about what was happening.

Malawians took to social media – mostly twitter and Facebook – demanding to know the whereabouts of their president.

The silence about the president’s absence continues to feed speculation, including that he is seriously ill. Pictures of him on his return appear to support this, even though he looked much healthier and energetic giving a press briefing five days after his arrival. But then people are justified in their suspicions given a history of African leaders hiding illness.

Malawi former President Peter Mutharika of late has been holding press conference accusing Malawi President Chakwera on various administrative issues. President Chakwera left Malawi on Monday last week for this year UNGA in New York City USA.

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