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Feb 1, 2023

The past few months have been a very busy period for the once mighty Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). In fact, the home of former president Arthur Peter Mutharika, The Page House, has been turned into a drama arena, to say the least.


Some of the decisions coming from that house leave a lot to be desired. For starters, DPP is a family party where the Mutharikas are the owners. Secondly, DPP is the party of old guards.

To be fair, Malawi has come a long way. The country got independent some 59 years ago and today, DPP still relies on the intelligence of some brains that took part in the struggle for independence in the name of the likes of Mr. Francis Mphepo.

The old man has been busy writing letters firing young men from positions in the party. He also issued a statement informing presidential aspirants that APM had banned presidential hopefuls from meeting with delegates to the July 2023 elective convention.

And to make sure that the party remains in the family, APM has set his agenda clear. It’s either he appears on the ballot paper in the 2025 presidential race or he anoints his nephew Dalitso Kabambe as his successor.

To this effect, despite the ban on all those that have expressed interest to vie for the partys leadership position at the forthcoming convention from conducting meetings with voting delegates, his politically immature nephew was still canvassing votes without being reprimanded.

This is a clear manifestation that DPP is a Lhomwe party and not only a tribal party, but APM has ensured that leadership remains in Thyolo, his home district.

In fact, to discredit a strong candidate, Kondwani Nankhumwa, APM told a rally last year that sindingasiyire chipani bulutu (I cannot leave the party under the leadership of a brute).

All these are desperate efforts by the grannies to create an easy path for Kabambe to ascend to the partys leadership. Of course, Kabambe is a better devil to APM otherwise if there was another Mutharika, he could have been ushered unopposed.

Now two things come out. Firstly, Mphepo has outlived his usefulness to both the party and general politics of this country. He needed to disappear from the political scene and concentrate on playing with his great grandchildren. He has nothing to offer to this nation and unfortunately, he is misleading his fellow old man.

Secondly, APM should wake up from his deep slumber. He has not emotionally accepted that he was shamelessly booted out of the State House which he got into through Tippexed elections. He also lives in an artifice of returning to plot number one.
It is apparent now that DPP is not ready to return to the Government. As long as these old men, who are refusing to retire from active politics, remain in the driving seat, the party is doomed.

However, truth be told plainly. DPP has also failed to be a formidable opposition that can hold the government accountable. They have more internal squabbles to attend to than playing the rightful role as an opposition party.

DPP is a party born out of frustrations and greed. It is, therefore, not surprising that it has taken the same route as its parent, the United Democratic Front, which is another family party on a death bed.

The July convention is the final blow to the party. It will come out bruised because it is obvious Kabambe cannot beat Nankhumwa, something the Mutharika camp would not accept.
In short, Democratic Progressive Party is neither democratic nor progressive.

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