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Oct 29, 2021 ,

President Dr Chakwera, has struck a deal with Emirates Airlines so that it should be flying to Malawi.

In an effort to revamp the Malawi Economy, it is reported that President Chakwera has signed a number of deals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

One of the deals is with Emirates Airlines.

An agreement has been reached that will see Emirates Airlines Flying to Malawi.

This will help in transportation of fresh farm produce and other agricultural goods to Dubai. Beans, potatoes, tomatoes, sugarcane, Mangoes, onions, nsawawa, bananas, maize flour and all green house produced vegetables are among the goods to be exported .

There are ready markets for the aforementioned farm produce in Dubai which includes Supermarkets.

This arrangement will benefit Smallholder Farmers and Cooperatives.

These exports will help in forex generation and stabilising the Malawi Currency against foreign currencies.

Man-Made Obstacles Hindering Progress in Malawi are being cleared.

Emirates Airlines have been meeting man-made obstacles in Malawi as far as cargo flights are concerned.

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