Energy minister Matola heaps praise on Opec Fund; Represents President Chakwera in Vienna

Jun 21, 2022

By Macford Maulidi

Energy Minister Ibrahim Matola has lauded Opec Fund for standing shoulder to shoulder in supporting Malawi with various projects.

Matola, currently in Vienna, Austria where he represented head of state Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, told the gathering of the government’s appreciation of assistance Opec Fund has been channelling through to Malawi.

Among the sectors so far that have benefited from Opec Fund include water and sanitation ($66.96), Agriculture ($46million), Health ($41.2 million) and Education $11.1 million, according to Matola.

The minister further told the gathering that Opec Fund has significantly contributed to the social and economic development of Malawi.

However, Minister Matola urged the Opec Fund to consider rendering a helping hand in the country’s energy sector.

Said Matola: “Malawi lost about 130megawatts due to damage caused by one of the power stations by Tropical Cyclone Ana. This has significantly affected power generation and supply in the country…in this regard, Malawi needs to build disaster-resilient structures for electricity generation and distribution.”

“The aspirational resilient growth path for the energy sector is anchored mainly in the design of energy infrastructure to better withstand climate shocks and support the same aspirations of reaching 50% electricity access by 2030,” explained Matola.

At the forum, Matola is accompanied by Water and Sanitation Minister Abida Mia.

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