Energy Ministry a haven and playground for DPP cadets (Part One)

Nov 29, 2022

If Malawi is to develop there is need to remove all Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathizers from the Government system.

These are the people who have been causing problems sabotaging President Lazarus Chakwera’s regime.

For starters energy remains the backbone of our economy and almost every economic stakeholder needs energy to carry out their activities.

These cadets have been engaging themselves in corrupt activities.

The DPP operatives are heading all strategic positions at Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (Marep) and Power Market Limited.

A good example is on how these cadets handled the contract Reference Number 047/DoE/Marep/PHR FY2019/20/07.

These cadets heading Marep demanded this contract awarded to Ackon Group of Companies which belongs to their own camp.

There is need for the Management at Ministry level to call for a functional review and flash out all the cadets.

It is an open secret that DPP was just handpicking people to fill strategic positions. It is therefore time the Energy Ministry which is headed by Ibrahim Matola to remove all these cadets (Njoka saweta).

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera already made it clear on the need to clear the rubble and he keeps repeating on the same but it looks people trusted to clear the rubble are not helping the President.

Issues of prolonged blackouts are part of DPP strategy through their operatives at EGENCO and there is no doubt about this.

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