Exposed! Suspected Trafficker Azher Chaudray is big supplier at Malawi Police

Dec 10, 2021

By Deus Chikalaza

The biggest supplier of Malawi Police Services (MPS) uniforms currently is the Consulate General of Pakistan in the country Mr Azher Chaudray who has become very close to the Inspector General (IG) of the Police Services Dr George Kainja, we can reveal.

Sources within MPS told this reporter that all doors are open for Azher Chaudray in the Police Services and he was duly introduced to the Quarter Master.

This is happening at a time when Azher Chaudray is being investigated for Human Trafficking since his name appeared in Mozambique Intelligence reports as part of the instability in neighboring Mozambique, through his hand in bringing in evil persons.

The Immigration and Citizenship Affairs Department have a number of files on this man and this is being collaborated by the National Intelligence Services.

We are yet to confirm if the IG is privy to such nasty information but our take is that money or kickbacks are the centre of this relationship.

Even the time the Mozambican Head of State came to visit us the Mozambique Intelligence had Azher Chaudray on the list of those wanted to be arrested.

Chaudray has been abusing his diplomatic status by bring Pakistan nationals and using Malawi as a passage.

All this is documented and the fact that he is now supplying goods at Quarter Master makes him untouchable. This write will expose his evil plans and needs.

So far Azher Chaudray has been paid more than MK879 million and there is another invoice of MK945 million.

However, officers in the procurement section are being by passed and the high command is directly involved.

Efforts to get the police authority on the matter proved futile while Chaudray refused to grant interviews on the matter.

In 2015, Karamat Ullah Chaudhry and Azhar Chaudrey were exposed on intimidating the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to drop any other investigations against them related to tax, money laundering and corruption.

The duo challenged that were untouchables and key financers to the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and “well-wishers” of former Malawi leader Peter Mutharika.

Karamat Ullah Chaudhry was in the same year interrogated by Fiscal Police in connection with MK2 million deposited into former ACB boss Lucas Kondowe’s bank account at First Merchant Bank now First Capital Bank.

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