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Exposing dark secrets: UK and USA want regime change in Malawi

Jan 27, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

We continue exposing what is in the cables that our investigations have unearthed. Western powers are busy plotting how to get rid of President Chakwera because he is not towing their line of agenda in terms of trade and mining.

• Fund anti-government demos
• Create parallel government structure in Lilongwe

Western governments have ridden on the 2019 -2020 political turmoil to push their agenda and fulfill their trade and economic wishes. Even after almost two years of the Chakwera administration, the West continues to contemplate another regime change before 2025, all in the name of putting their benefits first.

Cables we have seen reveal top secrets on how London and Washington DC are spending sleepless nights to have President Chakwera replaced.

A cable sent by Angola Situation Analyst, Brendan Davies, has uncovered the thought process being applied by some western elements to realize their wishes.

According to him, they have collated and analyzed intelligence that confirms their wishes to apply regime change parameters on Malawi by using many available options among which is infiltration of sector reforms in Malawi’s intelligence and military apparatus.

From what Davies discusses in his cables, Western governments are not only itching for regime change but are already exploring alternatives on the table.

Davies is quoted as saying “Washington seeks to build consultations with Atupele Muluzi and possible sideline discussion with Saulos Chilima toward a smooth and non-disruptive political change”

“It would be naïve to await elections.’ He posits.

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