Faith community contributing positively towards peace in Malawi 

Aug 17, 2022

Presidential advisor on Religious Affairs Brian Kamwendo says high level contributions of faith community towards a peaceful Malawi have been cited as gems worth emulating.

Speaking in Soul City in South Korea during a peace conference,  Kamwendo says there is no way people can talk about  good governance, education, health, and various social protection interventions without the neat collaboration between the State and the Faith Community.

Kamwendo along other delegates and Malawi’s Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo are in South Korea under the invitation of the Universal Peace Federation.

*During the summit held from 11th to 15th August, Malawi has had an opportunity of contributing on the necessity of the faith component in the quest to peace initiatives within the Korean Peninsula, through the Inter-Religious Association of Peace and Development (IAPD).*

In his presentation Kamwendo, said faith is great catalyst in peace building and  development.

“Sensitivity of our Leadership is its highest regard of the faith community in Malawi due to its relevance both current and even historically as far as governance and the socio-economics are concerned,” he said.

He said Malawi deliberately creates an environment for an active participation of the faith community in national development and initiate regular productive engagement of the two as development partners.

*The advisor the stated positively on the resolution for the Inter-Religious Association of Peace and Development (IAPD) to be considered on an Advisory Council portfolio at the AU.*

The summit, unearthed some lessons in which the state can productively continue engaging the faith community in harnessing the relevance of the faith sector in National Development while creating a conducive environment for their smooth contribution towards initiatives such as the MW2063 agenda.

The conference has since resolved to be engaging the faith community in some consultations on the creation of a faith related synergy for national development and a reinforced voice on the international front.

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