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First Lady Madam Monica Chakwera shares notes with Mayors of the City of Brussels and Women in Diaspora

Feb 23, 2022

By Cedric Nkungula- Malawi Exclusive

Malawi’s First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera who is accompanying State President Lazarus Chakwera visited offices of the Mayor and Vice Mayor of the City of Brussels, upon their invitation.

On this visit, Madame Chakwera was taken on a tour of their offices and also discussed key developmental initiatives.

During the discussions, the first lady had an opportunity to share with mayors on what she is doing back home through her Shaping Our Future Foundation (SOFF).

Madame Chakwera also had a privilege to meet some groups of women in diaspora, heading different agencies, and working hard to develop their home countries.

Writing on her Facebook page, Madame Chakwera explained that the women are getting so much support in areas of agriculture, education, women empowerment, health, and entrepreneurship, among others.

“Currently, SOFF is working with vulnerable groups in Malawi, and I am looking forward to a meaningful working partnership with these diaspora groups.” said the first lady.

“Together, we can raise the victory flag.”

Below are the pictures of the First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera and the Mayors of the City of Brussels during the visit.

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