Foreign Affairs Minister spits fire over Chinese abuse of Malawian children

Jun 13, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa

Foreign affairs Minister Nancy Tembo has expressed dismay over the exposed Chinese national believed to be exploiting Malawian children through videos that he was shooting and selling in China for a profit.

BBC Africa Eye Investigation exposed the Chinese national identified as Susu.

According to the BBC documentary, the Chinese national is believed to have been telling young children to be saying unpleasant and disgracing words in the videos like “i am a black monster and my IQ is low”.

It is further alleged that he was shooting about 380 videos in a day which he would later sell them in China.

According to Foreign affairs minister Nancy Tembo the videos were actually recorded around February 2020 and the recent documentary by the BBC has brought it to light and draw public attention.

Making a comment on the matter during a media briefing on Monday afternoon on the current economic status, Tembo said they have received the matter just today and has since described it as something that should not be tolerated.

“He is using our children to enrich himself which is bad. This is something that every Malawian cannot be happy about it. They are disgracing us as Malawians and not a sign of respect.

“The police and home affairs are investigating the matter and we will engage our China counterparts to help in identifying this man. I appeal to local authorities to always be alert with foreigners in their communities and also to parents to always protect their children,” she said.

The press briefing dubbed *Government Meets the Press*, was hosted by four cabinet Ministers of Finance, Water and Sanitation, Information and the Foreign Affairs.

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