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Gender activists applauds Chakwera for SPC appointment

Jun 4, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Gender activist Emma Kaliya has applauded President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for appointing Colleen Zamba as the head of the Civil Service.

Kaliya, in an interview on Friday, said the appointment of a woman to such a powerful position signifies that the President is serious about women empowerment.

“It’s his prerogative to identify and choose who suits where. But President Chakwera decided to choose a woman; and for that, he needs to be applauded,” she said.

Kaliya added that Chakwera is acting within the expected obligations of the State on the need to comply with the Gender Equality Act of 2013.

“As gender activists, we really applaud him for that and we do recognize the progress Malawi is making towards increasing the number of women in top positions,” added Kaliya.

Chakwera appointed Zamba as SPC to replace Zangazanga Chikhosi.

Kaliya further said to maintain the momentum as set by the President, government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) should follow the President’s example and start elevating women to influential positions.

Kaliya said it would be absurd if the recruitment authorities in MDAs decided to let the President down by not emulating his examples.

“We need measures for sustaining the momentum and this is where the role of recruitment authorities in government MDAs is critically needed to ensure there is sustainability in the appointment of women to leadership positions. It shouldn’t be the President alone, but everyone tasked with recruitment authority to ensure we walk the steps the President has taken on promoting women in Malawi,” said Kaliya.

Team Leader for 50-50 Campaign Agency Viwemi Chavula also said the onus is on MDAs now to emulate what President Chakwera is doing in fulfilment of the Gender Equality Act.

Chavula said the agency applauds the steps President Chakwera is taking to ensure more women are given the platforms to serve the nation.

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