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Dec 11, 2021

Malawi Exclusive

Persitent gender gap existing between boys and girls in attainment of education is cause of greater concerned.

First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera said this on Friday when she presided over the Fundraising Dinner Gala Event at a Colourful Function which took place at the Magnificent BICC.The dinner was organised to fundraise money for  girls education in Malawi. 

“There is a persistent gender gap favouring boys at secondary school level; there are lower pass rates for girls than boys in both Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) this is not good at all.” Said Madame Chakwera.

She said girls from the poorest rural households are the least likely to complete primary schooling and transition onto 
secondary; Just 15 out of the 26 girls from the poorest households who complete primary 
school transition onto secondary school. 

The First Lady said out of 15 children just 1 manages to complete lower secondary schooling;Girls lag behind boys in assessments and also in national examinations in upper grades of primary school leading to more girls repeating a grade than boys. Because primary completion rates are very low achievement of SDG 4 by 2030 remains elusive.

“We have gathered here tonight for the cause of the Malawi Girl Child, whose dream for education is faced with unimaginable challenges. My great thanks go to the Girls Education Trust for organizing this Fundraising Dinner.” She said. 

Madame Chakwera said even though girls’ education is on the global agenda, the inequalities in access, achievement, attainment, and accomplishment remain overwhelming. 

She said its sad that girls still leave schools earlier than boys. 

“Girls are still leaving school too soon before acquiring the skills and knowledge that could positively impact their lives as well as the communities where they live. Education has 
often been more available for boys than girls. 

However, even when it has been equally provided for both girls and boys, several barriers have prevented girls from participating as effectively as boys, which lead to poor learning achievement, repetition and eventual dropping out for girls.” She said. 

Madame Chakwera said the situation of girls’ education in Malawi is an emergency adding that is a situation that requires immediate action.

Madame Monica Chakwera was accompanied by Minister of Health Khumbuze Chiponda Kandodo, Deputy Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wilima, Deputy Minister Defence Jean Sendeza and other senior Governmentofficials. 

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